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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two more Iron Warriors

Hey guys,

I arrived back home from Summer Breeze Open Air last Satuday night. It was the most awesome festival I had attended so far. Next year I'll be there again, that's for sure.

The searing hot weather adds a lot to my current lack of motivation, but today I assembled two further Iron Warriors: 1 w/ missile launcher and 1 w/ flamer (the flamer can be swapped with a bolter or the like).

I need them for my 1,500 pts. list I'll play on a tournament in early October.


  1. They look great. I love Iron Warriors, my first Chaos love, I constantly have to work on not restarting them to get other projects done.

  2. Hey Rich, nice to hear! I had to decide between Death Guard and Iron Warriors when I started to collect CSM some years ago. Unfortunately, I chose the DG back then and after the joy at them had left me entirely and I had sold my 3000 pts. DG, I started Iron Warriors and I'm very happy about the army and playing with it so far.

  3. Der Raketenwerfertyp sieht echt fett aus. Sind das FW-Teile oder von Bitz von Kromlech o.ä.?

  4. Danke, das Bein und der Arm sind von maxmini.eu. Also dieselbe Quelle wie ein paar meiner Helme für die IW.

  5. Hammer! Sehen echt klasse aus, dein Blog ist total geil, bin schon ein großer Fan.

  6. Danke Lorie, freut mich sehr das zu lesen. :)


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