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Monday, September 30, 2013

First 10 Boyz finished

Hi folks!

Yesterday evening I could finish the first 10 Boyz of the new commission army:

I hope they are to your liking.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A worthy temple for the Ruinous Powers

Greetings, fellow worshippers of the true lords of the Universe and those poor souls who haven't realized yet..

For the upcoming 200 pts. tournament on Saturday I painted the Chaos Temple I built many months ago. It will serve as my army's display base at the tournament and also as a terrain piece with house rules for battles in my appartment among friends.

Many more photos after the jump!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The next big commission army

Hello you guys!

The last two days I had some thoughts about a "dark" colour scheme for my customer's next commission army and after presenting three different ones to him I can now present -you- his choice:

It is the same customer as for the Daemons I've been painting. I have lots and lots of sprues and boxes of Space Orks lying around here already and once he gets back from his vacation he'll send me the next batch. So I guess it's going to be yet another enormous commission for me!

10 Ork Boyz and 3 Pikk Ups are already built and the painting will start in October as I have to finish setting highlights on the chitin of 4 monstrous Tyranid creatures of an aquaintance before.

Stay tuned for more Ork power to come in the near future!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chaos Reinforcements

Hey guys!

Yesterday, I painted four close combat Cultists of the Dark Vengeance box after I converted them slightly:

As I've been playing the PC game Outlast recently, especially the Cultist with the scarred and bare upper body reminded me very much of one of the psychopaths from that game.

They are meant mainly for my 200 pts. Kill Team I'll be fielding on a tournament at the end of this month:

12 Cultists
- CCW + autopistols
- 1 Heavy Stubber [+1 BS]
1 Champion
- Shotgun

2 Chaos Terminators
- 1 Power Sword
- 1 Power Maul [+1 W]
1 Chaos Terminator Champion [Leader]
- 1 Power Axe

1 Chaos Spawn
- Mark of Nurgle [4+ Invulnerable Save]

Total: 200 pts.

The rules of the tournament are quite easy: every model in your force acts for itself. You get to upgrade 3 models to be specialists, i.e. they get a [bonus] you can choose from a list. Also, as long as your [Leader] is alive, every model can use his Leadership for Morale Checks which you have to take if you suffered 75% or more losses. All your models can allocate their shots and attacks on as many models as you want to etc. There are some more rules and it's a very interesting game format overall. Also, it's a friend of mine who will be hosting the tournament. I'm really looking forward to it.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tyranids Hierophant

After many, many hours of work my latest commission work is finally finished: a Forge World Hierophant for the Tyranid Hive Fleet of an aquaintance of mine.
The colour scheme was predefined by him. Ranged weapons arms are still to be added and magnetized by customer.

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