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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Putting old models to new use

Hello folks,

As I'm still waiting for my bulk order of Perry Miniatures to arrive (it's been a month now...) I painted up some models which I've been fond of ever since.

I'm talking about the old metal Black Guard of Naggaroth models from Games Workshop's Dark Elven range. I was lucky to get my hands on 25 of these at a reasonable price. I also had 4 of these laying around (one of them is my Dungeons & Dragons character).

Having a total of 28 models, I painted a test miniature in a quite uncanny way: some vicious green for the clothing and an eye-straining orange on top of a black armour with green highlights.

It came out quite nicely I daresay and so I painted the rest of the models in the same fashion. I'm going to be using them as two regiments of Reaper Guards for a Twilight Kin army in Kings of War (yes, I'm already planning my second army (yes, I don't even have a first army (yes, I never played KoW so far))).

Here you go:

Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time putting them on the MDF lasercut regiment bases. I was aiming at using 14 per base but I can hardly fit 12 on them. To even out the bases they stand on, I'll add a cork plate with 20x20mm notches for the models to be mounted in.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Last Clerical Heroes

Unfortunately, my order comprising 7 boxes of Perry Miniatures that I placed on 15th April hasn't been shipped yet. In the meantime, I painted the last two Heroes for my Brotherhood army - a Devoted on Foot and a Devoted/Exemplar Adjutant on Horse.

It's really cruel having to wait for your models so long, especially when you're full of drive to commence with your first Kings of War project. Also, I won't be able to play my very first match any time soon.
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