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Monday, July 11, 2016

Chaos Dreadhold: Overlord Bastion

Hello again!

A local gaming store is holding a painting competition.

You got to choose between some Games Workshop terrain pieces to take with you. Until a certain deadline you have to paint it and bring it back to them. An online vote will then decide over the winners. The first three places will receive gift vouchers for the store.

I chose the awesome Chaos Overlord Bastion and (thank Khorne!) finished it last weekend.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

First games of Kings of War

Hello folks,

In the last couple weeks I painted lots and lots of Perry Miniatures and also had 3 games of Kings of War. The first two were against Undead and the third one against Dwarfs.

The 1000p and 1500p matches against my friend's Undead were two defeats. The match against the Dwarfs was a draw but only because we had to play a 7th turn, otherwise it would have been a victory for me.

With every match I learned a lot about tacticts and which units to use. The game itself is just amazing and yet simple to learn and understand.

Next Thursday I'll be playing 2000p against a friend's Abyssal Dwarfs and I'm keen to ride them all down.

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