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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two more Iron Warriors

Hey guys,

I arrived back home from Summer Breeze Open Air last Satuday night. It was the most awesome festival I had attended so far. Next year I'll be there again, that's for sure.

The searing hot weather adds a lot to my current lack of motivation, but today I assembled two further Iron Warriors: 1 w/ missile launcher and 1 w/ flamer (the flamer can be swapped with a bolter or the like).

I need them for my 1,500 pts. list I'll play on a tournament in early October.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Breeze - we're coming!

I packed my rucksack, sleeping bag, camping mat and the other numerous items I'll need the coming days when 20 friends and I'll be attending the Summer Breeze Open Air in Dinkelsbühl.

I daresay it's the second largest metal festival after Wacken and it's going to be my first time I'll be there. I'm already really excited. I'll be seeing...

- Vader
- Destruction
- Kampfar
- Turisas
- Bolt Thrower (!!!!!)
- Kataklysm
- Vomitory

... and probably a dozen more! Hell yeah!

First tournament with my Iron Warriors

Last Saturday, August 13th, my tabletop club "TTC Ratisbona" and I held our 3rd Battlepatrol Ratisbona.

5 games, 850 pts., light restrictions, no paint duty for the armies. 27 of 30 possible players attended the event and it was to be my first tournament at which I'd play with my Iron Warriors.

I decided to take no cam with me, so I couldn't take any pics (not half as bad, because only a handful of the armies were entirely painted). So I can only post the summarization of the matches:

Round 1:
Enemy: Tyranids
Result: 3:3

Round 2:
Enemy: Free Ticket (5 players of our club had to take one each rotatory because we had an odd number of participants)
Result: 4:2

Round 3:
Enemy: Dark Eldar
Result: 0:6

Round 4:
Enemy: Space Marines
Result: 6:0

Round 5:
Enemy: Blood Angels
Result: 6:0

I became 5th in the end which made me really happy as I haven't been that good for a long time. And furthermore my army got 17 of 23 votes for the Best Painted Army award. =)

A great prelude for my new army in the matter of tournaments. Let's see how I'll perform at the 4th Rhein Main Meisterschaft in September.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

mad matt vs. Stempe (1,850 pts. battle report)

I went all the way up to Fürth today to visit mad matt and fight against his Black Templars. I'll post the report of the catacombs scenario here as soon as matt has uploaded it. =)

Unfortunately for all you who do not speak German, I'm too lazy to translate the whole report into English but there are loads of pics to be looked at anyway. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gaming tokens for a special mission

I'll be visiting mad matt tomorrow and we're going to play a very interesting mission. No one knows the enemy's models as soon as one has line of sight, thus one needs tokens to replace the models. I finished mine an hour ago:

And in these catacombs we'll be playing:

Afterwards we'll also play a 1.850 pts. match. Stay tuned for some great reports and a lot of nice pics.

Iron Warriors Drop Pod

The Drop Pod is finished and ready to be played on the tournament this saturday. Please excuse the bad pics.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Some more Custom Dice

I ordered a second time some Custom Dice at Chessex for me and two pals. I afforded 26 of these:

I also can use them for my Renegades. That should be enough devotion for the dice god.

My mates afforded 26 with the Thousand Sons and 26 with the Iron Hands symbol.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dreadnought arms DONE

The twin-linked Autocannon and the CC-arm for the Dreadnought are finished now:

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Dreadnought arms

Please excuse me for not having updated my blog for a while now, but there really wasn't anything to show you guys.

I returned only yesterday from a visit at my parents and had to wait for some minis and bits to arrive.

Thanks to an exceptionally fast shipped bits donation by mad matt from gw-fanworld.net and a Defiler's Reaper Autocannon from a club mate, I was able to build two new arms for my Dreadnought 'Brutus': a twin-linked Machinecannon and a CC-arm with inbuilt Heavy flamer.

I need them for two games at Thursday afternoon and our club's tournament on Saturday, the 3rd Battlepatrol Ratisbona, I'll be attending with my Iron Warriors: 850 pts., 5 matches, nice prizes.

My army list features:
- Magus Tenebrae (SM Librarian): Epistolarius, Gate, The Avenger
- 5 Terminators: Cyclone, 1 Chainfist
- 1 Dreadnought: twin-linked MC, CC-Arm, Heavy Flamer
- 10 Tactical Marines, Sergeant with Power-Fist and Combi-melta, Flamer, Lascannon
- 1 Rhino
- 5 Scouts, 1 Missile launcher, Sniper rifles
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