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Monday, January 31, 2011

The second trick follows on the spot

I just finished re-doing the first Warrior and painting the second one.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Details on the Land Raider and first sample Warrior painted

Hi everybody!

I painted my first Warrior this week which will serve as a sample for the paint. I will re-do the yellow and brighten the metallics as they got too dark.

Furthermore, I added some more bitz and stuff to the Land Raider to get a more unique look. There are two barrels at the heck now and a steel rope on the top.

I also added a banner which will provide space for freehands. I thought about the Legion's symbol with a IV on the forehead. In a semicircle above the symbol a writing will say "Iron Warriors" and beneath the symbol another one will say "4th Grand Company".

The drapery itself will be ruby coloured, i.e. Scarlett Red by Vallejo Game Colour.

Here are the pics:

So, what do you think? Don't be canny with comments!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some more Daemons

I'd like to show you the first Daemons I painted for the customer:

5 Flesh Hounds and Karanak

1 metal Bloodrusher

As soon as I get the time I'll paint 6 plastic Bloodcrushers for him.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scratch: Heresy Land Raider

Here are the first pics of a miniature for my next project: Heresy Iron Warriors. For that, I scratched the sponsons of a Heresy Land Raider and it was the first time I scratched something that big.

As soon as the green stuff's hardened, I will cut away the supernatant areas and smooth it better.
It's not painted yet, but I finished building it yesterday evening during the commercial breaks when I watched Conan.

Here we go:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The finished gaming board

I had two fluff games with my Black Templars versus a friend's Tzeentch-CSM and at that opportunity I took some photos of my city fight gaming board:

Friday, January 7, 2011

More Psykers

Well, the tournament's weekend has arrived and I was really busy the last few days and weeks with building and painting my city fight gaming board. Furthermore, I painted the 2 Renegade Apostate Preachers of Nurgle from Forge World because I'll play a Battle Psyker Squad of 8 men. So I use my Overseer, the 2 Psykers from Forge World, the 4 old schoold Chaos Sorcerers and the Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle. That equals 8! And I don't even have to use the red-blue-brownish Chaos Sorcerer I hate so much.

Here are two pics of the two latest psykers:

It was a really quick and kind of dirty paint job but I think it's sufficient for the table and not that bad anyway. How do you like it?

I'll take a whole bunch of pics while I'm on the tournament and then I'll share the impressions of my gaming board with you.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pink... er... Orange Horrors

Good evening!

The next unit for my customer's finished: 20 Pink Horrors. For a better fit in his Khorne Daemon army, I painted them orange instead of pink on his wish.

3000 Punkte CSM-Armee (Forge World, viele Umbauten, sehr gut bemalt)


Aus Zeit- und Platzmangel muss eine meiner Armeen leider gehen und zwar meine Death Guard CSM-Armee. Folgende Figuren sind enthalten

  • 1 selbstgebauter Abaddon, plastic-only (sehr gut bemalt)
    Bild 1 Bild 2 Bild 3
  • 3 Death Guard Terminatoren, FW-Kit: 3x Kombi-Melter, alle Arme magnetisiert (sehr gut bemalt)
  • 3 Death Guard Terminatoren, 2 mit FW-Kit: 3x Kombi-Plasma, alle Arme magnetisiert (sehr gut bemalt)
  • 8 Khorne Berserker mit FW-Kit und Umbauten: 1x Energiefaust (sehr gut bemalt)
  • 8 Plague Marines aus Zinn: 1x Energiefaust + Kombi-Melter, 1x Melter, 1x Flammenwerfer (sehr gut bemalt)
  • 1 Death Guard Chaos Land Raider, aufwändig umgebaut (sehr gut bemalt)
    Bild 1 Bild 2
  • 15 Niedere Dämonen: sehr gut bemalt
  • 1 Dämonenprinz des Nurgle aus Zinn mit Flügeln und Diorama-Base (sehr gut bemalt)
    Bild 1 Bild 2
  • 6 Kyborgs, aufwändig umgebaut und teils selbst modelliert (gut bemalt)
  • 3 Kyborgs, aufwändig umgebaut und teils selbst modelliert (angefangen zu bemalen)
  • 1 Dämonenprinz des Nurgle aus Plastik mit Flügeln und aufwändigen Modellierarbeiten (angefangen zu bemalen)
    Bild 1 Bild 2
  • 10 Plague Marines aus Zinn (angefangen zu bemalen)
  • 1 Death Guard Rhino, FW-Kit, aufwändig umgebaut (angefangen zu bemalen)
    Bild 1 Bild 2
  • 1 Death Guard Rhino, aufwändig umgebaut (angefangen zu bemalen)
    Bild 1 Bild 2
  • 1 Death Guard Cybot von Forge World mit NK-Arm und Multimelter (schwarz grundiert, Metallbeschläge fertig gemalt)

Das sollte es gewesen sein, knapp 3000 Punkte also. Die Armee ist als Ganzes abzugeben und sowohl die Bemalung als auch die Modellierarbeiten und Umbauten wurden immer mit viel Liebe durchgeführt. Die Armee wurde mehrmals auf Turnieren als "Best Painted" ausgezeichnet.

Angebote bitte über gw-fanworld.net an "Stempe" oder an stempe at vorsicht-bissig dot de.
Offers to "Stempe" on gw-fanworld.net or at stempe at vorsicht-bissig dot de.
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