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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oh glorious Chaos... terrain

Yet another piece for my Chaos themed gaming board got cut out today. The idea came upon me while sitting in my block course being bored.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Codex Chaos Daemons - Rules (via BOLS)

I was just checking my blog list and found this interesting snippet of the new rules for the upcoming Codex Chaos Daemons on Bell of Lost Souls:

It's in German, though! For the English translation, please scroll down!

More terrain for tournaments

Hey guys!

A couple of days ago I asked my club mates of the Tabletopclub Ratisbona if I should build and paint some terrain pieces for themed boards for our tournaments and they all said YES! So I grabbed a thermocutter and some polystyrene plates and began cutting, working and glueing like a berserk the last two days.

The following boards are planned:
- 2 "Battlefield" boards (tank traps "Dragon's Teeth", trenches, craters, tank wrecks, destroyed wall sections, ...)
- 2 "Nature" boards (forests, hills, hedges, ...)
- 1 "Chaos" board (temples, twisted rocks, obelisks, ...)

These are the pieces I built so far. Some will get further adorned, especially the temple.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nothing but commission work...

Just a quick update for you what's going on on my painting table:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shadowsword... again!

Finally a new post with yet another commission work from me. This time it's something quite special, as I was asked to paint a Shadowsword in nearly the same manner I painted my own one back then when I still had my Defenders of Vraks: http://brushandminiaturetorture.blogspot.de/2012/05/for-sale-renegades-shadowsword.html

I sold mine for some nice sum on ebay where an admirer of my minis from Mexico purchased it.

So here's Shadowsword 2.0 so to say for the customer:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Domestic Chaos Brawl / Blog Reconstruction

 Some of the more thoroughly readers among you might have noticed the changes in my blog that came with a reconstruction of the layout. I also added a banner to the top of the page. I hope you like it! I'd also be very happy if you follow my blog via Google Friend Connect and becoma a "Disciple". :)


Earlier this day, I had a 1,750 pts match with my flat mate and his Thousand Sons + allied Daemons.

He fielded:
- Chaos Sorcerer (Mastery Level 3)
- Blue Scribes
- 6 Flamers of Tzeentch
- 3x 6 Thousand Sons
- 2x 6 Horrors + Changeling
- 9 Screamers
- 2x 6 AC-Havocs
- 1 Aegis w/ Quad gun

My host featured:
- 1 Chaos Sorcerer (Mastery Level 2)
- 1 Daemon Prince w/ Armour, Wings, and the Black Mace
- 10 Iron Warriors w/ Plasma gun and AC
- 2x 10 Cultists w/ Heavy Stubber
- 20 Cultists w/ Shotgun and Flamer
- 2 Heldrakes
- 2 Forgefiends
- 3 Obliterators
-  1 Aegis w/ Quad gun

Unfortunately, my friend's army is only partially painted and his Aegis Defence Line consisted of painting pots and a schnapps glass, so I only took some crappy photos of my deployment:

The game ended after round 5 and my opponent won with a 3 points margin: Slay The Warlord, First Blood and 2 Objectives. I only held 1 Objective. Just for fun we kept playing until the end of round 7 - it would have been a draw then.

More Dakka for Chaos

And here we go with some pics of the next finished models. It's a quite nice thing when all exams are written and the lecturers gave their O.K. for the art portfolios. :D

I snatched an Iron Warrior w/ Autocannon and his little brother, a nameless Cultist with Heavy Stubber and painted them after they received minor conversions:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Something BIG

Just like I announced earlier, there's something big coming your way... or rather several big things. I punished myself with assembling and painting another Heldrake which I baptized with the pretty name Wormwood. And for the other big things, just scroll down.

Furthermore, I converted my Maulferfiends to Forgefiends. That's because they weren't able to kill enemy models more worth than 50 pts. in roughly 8 games. And because my army lists lacked some dakka anyway, I attached some Hades Autocannons where their lasher tendrils were. I can already imagine how that conversion isn't to the liking of many, bit I'm quite content with it.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Orange Horrors

The next 10 Orange Horrors for my customer are finished:

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