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Monday, July 11, 2016

Chaos Dreadhold: Overlord Bastion

Hello again!

A local gaming store is holding a painting competition.

You got to choose between some Games Workshop terrain pieces to take with you. Until a certain deadline you have to paint it and bring it back to them. An online vote will then decide over the winners. The first three places will receive gift vouchers for the store.

I chose the awesome Chaos Overlord Bastion and (thank Khorne!) finished it last weekend.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

First games of Kings of War

Hello folks,

In the last couple weeks I painted lots and lots of Perry Miniatures and also had 3 games of Kings of War. The first two were against Undead and the third one against Dwarfs.

The 1000p and 1500p matches against my friend's Undead were two defeats. The match against the Dwarfs was a draw but only because we had to play a 7th turn, otherwise it would have been a victory for me.

With every match I learned a lot about tacticts and which units to use. The game itself is just amazing and yet simple to learn and understand.

Next Thursday I'll be playing 2000p against a friend's Abyssal Dwarfs and I'm keen to ride them all down.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Putting old models to new use

Hello folks,

As I'm still waiting for my bulk order of Perry Miniatures to arrive (it's been a month now...) I painted up some models which I've been fond of ever since.

I'm talking about the old metal Black Guard of Naggaroth models from Games Workshop's Dark Elven range. I was lucky to get my hands on 25 of these at a reasonable price. I also had 4 of these laying around (one of them is my Dungeons & Dragons character).

Having a total of 28 models, I painted a test miniature in a quite uncanny way: some vicious green for the clothing and an eye-straining orange on top of a black armour with green highlights.

It came out quite nicely I daresay and so I painted the rest of the models in the same fashion. I'm going to be using them as two regiments of Reaper Guards for a Twilight Kin army in Kings of War (yes, I'm already planning my second army (yes, I don't even have a first army (yes, I never played KoW so far))).

Here you go:

Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time putting them on the MDF lasercut regiment bases. I was aiming at using 14 per base but I can hardly fit 12 on them. To even out the bases they stand on, I'll add a cork plate with 20x20mm notches for the models to be mounted in.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Last Clerical Heroes

Unfortunately, my order comprising 7 boxes of Perry Miniatures that I placed on 15th April hasn't been shipped yet. In the meantime, I painted the last two Heroes for my Brotherhood army - a Devoted on Foot and a Devoted/Exemplar Adjutant on Horse.

It's really cruel having to wait for your models so long, especially when you're full of drive to commence with your first Kings of War project. Also, I won't be able to play my very first match any time soon.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Three modular forests

Hello reader!

Yesterday evening just after watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones I finished yet some more terrain for my gaming board: three modular forests.

The single trees can be taken off to make place for regiments and the like.

On the back of the forest bases I added a thin piece of cardboard and painted it dark brown on the visible side. Thus the bases can be lifted without the trees staying on the tabletop or dangling in mid-air.

Furthermore, I kept the bases themselves quite flat so I don't have problems placing the regiments smoothly.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Maiden of Virtue

Hello folks!

Today I present to you the Maiden of Virtue for my Brotherhood army. The list entry for her is the Forsaken Beast which represents her quite fittingly I think.

The model is from Reaper Miniatures. Great stuff they're producing and really to the liking of my purse.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Casualty Counters & Fences

Hello there,

This week my parcel from war-bases.co.uk arrived, containing some casualty counters.

With these brilliant little things you can keep track of  how many wounds your units have suffered so far (or use them as turn counters etc.).

For me they are predestinated for my Kings of War matches to come.Thus we can avoid placing dice next to the regiments which can easily be flipped over or be mistaken for regular dice to roll.

All I did was glueing Green Stuff molds of skull bases on top of them, adding some bird sand with PVA glue and paint them up. Some Iceland moss and tufts of grass gave them their final touch.

Also, I took up painting some new terrain for my future gaming board as I don't have any fantasy-related pieces.

The first parts to be finished were three fences as they represent nice obstacles for hindered charges and line of sight blockers. Using some coffee chopsticks from McD and sprue leftovers, they were cheap and easy to do, too.

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