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Monday, August 15, 2011

First tournament with my Iron Warriors

Last Saturday, August 13th, my tabletop club "TTC Ratisbona" and I held our 3rd Battlepatrol Ratisbona.

5 games, 850 pts., light restrictions, no paint duty for the armies. 27 of 30 possible players attended the event and it was to be my first tournament at which I'd play with my Iron Warriors.

I decided to take no cam with me, so I couldn't take any pics (not half as bad, because only a handful of the armies were entirely painted). So I can only post the summarization of the matches:

Round 1:
Enemy: Tyranids
Result: 3:3

Round 2:
Enemy: Free Ticket (5 players of our club had to take one each rotatory because we had an odd number of participants)
Result: 4:2

Round 3:
Enemy: Dark Eldar
Result: 0:6

Round 4:
Enemy: Space Marines
Result: 6:0

Round 5:
Enemy: Blood Angels
Result: 6:0

I became 5th in the end which made me really happy as I haven't been that good for a long time. And furthermore my army got 17 of 23 votes for the Best Painted Army award. =)

A great prelude for my new army in the matter of tournaments. Let's see how I'll perform at the 4th Rhein Main Meisterschaft in September.


  1. Would be interested to see what you included in your 850pts.

  2. My army list featured:

    - Magus Tenebrae (SM Librarian): Gate, The Avenger
    - 5 Terminators: Cyclone, 1 Chainfist
    - 1 Dreadnought: twin-linked MC, CC-Arm, Heavy Flamer, Extra armour, Drop Pod with Locator Beacon
    - 10 Tactical Marines, Sergeant with Power-Fist and Combi-melta, Flamer, Missile launcher
    - 1 Rhino
    - 5 Scouts, 1 Missile launcher, 4 Sniper rifles

  3. well done, not surprised about the best painted army though. You'd have gotten my vote too


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