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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gaming tokens for a special mission

I'll be visiting mad matt tomorrow and we're going to play a very interesting mission. No one knows the enemy's models as soon as one has line of sight, thus one needs tokens to replace the models. I finished mine an hour ago:

And in these catacombs we'll be playing:

Afterwards we'll also play a 1.850 pts. match. Stay tuned for some great reports and a lot of nice pics.


  1. Space Hulk meets WH 40K! ^^ Seems this will be a very interesting Match! Can´t wait to see the Pics and read the Report! Nice Dice for you both!

  2. Ist das alles Papiergelände? Sieht cool aus und wird sicherlich interessant. Erinnert mich von den Blips und deiner Beschreibung her direkt an StarQuest.

    Dann Viel Spaß und Viel Erfolg!

  3. Thanks, guys! I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun and yes, that's all paper. I'll write a summary of the the rules etc. the next days.

  4. really liking the idea of this mission... I can imagine it like blips on a radar screen, you know there's someone round the corner, but you don't know what. Love it.


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