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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Big Renegades Project 2012 - Part III

As one can't study all day long for exams, I used the afternoon to be somewhat productive.

Do you recognize these pals?

Right! They used to be the Scouts for my Iron Warriors:

Apart from the missile launcher guy I took them from my cupboard and painted them in my new Renegades color scheme. Fits them quite well I'd say.

Furthermore, I converted the planned close combat Scouts to some more Renegades:

The Renegade you cold see on the first Furry Penal Legionnaires update was pimped with some more bitz and he'll serve as my Company Commander later on. Left to him you can see another CC Scout who'll serve as my 5th Sergeant once he go his new paint:


  1. Die grünen Masken gefallen mir wesentlich besser als das vorherige Schema, welches auch schon nicht schlecht war. Jetzt haste da nen schönen Kontrast drin.

  2. @ Pestus
    Nice to read, I also do like them more then the previous ones I used.

    @ Tom
    Danke! Wirkt auf dem Spielfeld sicher auch besser.


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