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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A worthy temple for the Ruinous Powers

Greetings, fellow worshippers of the true lords of the Universe and those poor souls who haven't realized yet..

For the upcoming 200 pts. tournament on Saturday I painted the Chaos Temple I built many months ago. It will serve as my army's display base at the tournament and also as a terrain piece with house rules for battles in my appartment among friends.

Many more photos after the jump!


  1. Very, very nice Stempe! This will make a fitting centerpiece on the battlefield indeed. As a critique I would like to add that I am not so very fond of the temple's base. It still looks to much like a big piece of foam board and not like something the worshippers of chaos had built centuries ago. It would have ment much more work but embossing a stone structure would have probably helped to get rid of the foam board impression and instead give the viewer a better reference for its actual huge size in comparison to the miniatures. But that doesn't really matter as the highligt of this piece of terrain clearly is the painting. Here you did a marvellous job, really! The light brown eases the stone colour up quite well. And the chaos star + the gore stuff makes it a great centerpiece for sure.
    Would love to fight for this temple and get rid of it in the Emperor's name ;)

    1. Hey Goatmoerser! Thanks for your detailed feedback. The base of the temple indeed received not enough work I guess and have to admit. I was not sufficiently clear in my mind what it would look like once finished. I also thought about adding a base to the temple and might still do so.


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