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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chaos Reinforcements

Hey guys!

Yesterday, I painted four close combat Cultists of the Dark Vengeance box after I converted them slightly:

As I've been playing the PC game Outlast recently, especially the Cultist with the scarred and bare upper body reminded me very much of one of the psychopaths from that game.

They are meant mainly for my 200 pts. Kill Team I'll be fielding on a tournament at the end of this month:

12 Cultists
- CCW + autopistols
- 1 Heavy Stubber [+1 BS]
1 Champion
- Shotgun

2 Chaos Terminators
- 1 Power Sword
- 1 Power Maul [+1 W]
1 Chaos Terminator Champion [Leader]
- 1 Power Axe

1 Chaos Spawn
- Mark of Nurgle [4+ Invulnerable Save]

Total: 200 pts.

The rules of the tournament are quite easy: every model in your force acts for itself. You get to upgrade 3 models to be specialists, i.e. they get a [bonus] you can choose from a list. Also, as long as your [Leader] is alive, every model can use his Leadership for Morale Checks which you have to take if you suffered 75% or more losses. All your models can allocate their shots and attacks on as many models as you want to etc. There are some more rules and it's a very interesting game format overall. Also, it's a friend of mine who will be hosting the tournament. I'm really looking forward to it.


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