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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Something BIG

Just like I announced earlier, there's something big coming your way... or rather several big things. I punished myself with assembling and painting another Heldrake which I baptized with the pretty name Wormwood. And for the other big things, just scroll down.

Furthermore, I converted my Maulferfiends to Forgefiends. That's because they weren't able to kill enemy models more worth than 50 pts. in roughly 8 games. And because my army lists lacked some dakka anyway, I attached some Hades Autocannons where their lasher tendrils were. I can already imagine how that conversion isn't to the liking of many, bit I'm quite content with it.


  1. I think your Forgefiend conversions are fantastic. I'm tempted to do something similar with my next Fiend kit and magnetise the guns so that I can go Forge or Mauler! Nice!

  2. Hi Stempe,

    wie immer schick bemalt...aber ist die Flügelposition nicht platzier-technisch hinderlich?

    Gruß Karnstein

  3. Thanks, guys!

    @ Karnstein
    Eigentlich nicht. Sind ja zum Glück keine Schwadron. Und Gelände ignorieren sie als Flieger, von daher macht's nichts, wenn die Flügelspitzen Gelände berühren.

  4. Those things are awesome, Stempe! Great work!


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