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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More Dakka for Chaos

And here we go with some pics of the next finished models. It's a quite nice thing when all exams are written and the lecturers gave their O.K. for the art portfolios. :D

I snatched an Iron Warrior w/ Autocannon and his little brother, a nameless Cultist with Heavy Stubber and painted them after they received minor conversions:

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  1. That's a really sweet heavy bolter conversion - I've seen so many heavy bolters converted to Autocannons, and it is really hard to do well. Either the barrel is way too big/long (looking at you, Imperial Guard autocannon) or it looks too small and thin (looking at you, heavy stubbers). That looks like an Ork Big Shoota barrel? Either way, both models look awesome.


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