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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Searing Hot And Ground Shaking!

And here come the next redone tanks: the Hellhound "Helfahrt" and the Basilisk/Medusa "Dark Throne"


  1. Been to long since I commented on your blog Stempe, Nice work as always. You must have quite the chaotic horde going on now?


  2. Love the tank´s! I´m planning on doing a renegade army myself, this will serve as inspiration:)

  3. how to you paint this lovely tank, i would love a step by step or just the list of paints you used

    1. Thanky you very much. I uses the following Vallejo colours:
      - Modle Air Cam. Light Brown
      - Model Air Light Brown
      - Game Colour Camouflage Green


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