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Monday, December 3, 2012

Standard Template Construct: Champions of Chaos Contest

The guys at Standard Template Construct (visit them, it's an awesome blog!) launched an online contest for converted Chaos models (no vehicles except for Walkers, though) and all 17 entries are now online to be judged by the almighty readers. You can view them here:

Champions of Chaos - Judgement

I also compete with my Iron Warriors Daemon Prince and hope to get some votes at least. :)

Each winner of the sections "Best Conversion" and "Best Painted" will receive a 50$ voucher for Secret Weapon Miniatures.


  1. So far you are in the lead by a wide margin. Best of luck to all!

  2. Yes, I am. That fact really surprises me, but I'm honestly very happy about it. :) It means people like my work, eventually.

    Good luck to all the other participants, there are some really wicked miniatures in the contest.

  3. Na, dann viel Erfolg!

    Ich habe auch schon gevoted. Den besten Umbau hast du dir mMn verdient, doch bei der Bemalung bist du zwar im oberen Drittel, doch mMn nicht ganz die Nr. 1. :D


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