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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cultists, we need moar Cultists!

Yes, we do! With their 4 pts. per model and a option to buy a heavy stubber or flamer for only 5 pts., these crazy fanatics are a quite nice element of the new Codex in my eyes.

As I always hoped for some kind of lesser human forces in an upcoming Codex when I started my Iron Warriors, I based my Renegades the same way I did with my Iron Warriors and painted them in a rather matching colour scheme. Now I can use my Renegades for both my Traitor Guard and my Iron Warriors. Hell yeah!

Last Saturday, two club mates and I have been to Ingolstadt on a 200 pts. Kill Team tournament. This is what I played:

10 cultists
+ heavy stubber (specialist [+1 BS])

9 Chaos Space Marines (one of them specialist [+1 T])
+ Plasma gun (specialist [+1 W])
- Champion /w twin-linked boltgun [Leader]

I won three times, had a draw and a loss once each. Overall, that got me the 2nd place in the torunament. I also won a medal for the best specialist conversions.

Here's the enemy's pain in the ass, the heavy stubber with BS 4:

There have been so many wicked moments during those 5 games, but I'll only tell you about the most extraordinary one: a cultist smashes the curcuits out of two Praetorians of the Necrons in close combat (T 5, so he'd only wound them on a 6!) - they would never again stand up. And in the last turn, he's assaulted by a third one and survives the close combat, so the Necrons do not get hold of themission objektive next to him. So to say, he killed 40% of the enemy's army. What a true Champion of Chaos! I hope the Dark Gods observed him. As my personal reward, I granted him a trophy rack of his own:

Furthermore, along with the last Daemons of my current commission army and a Khorne General on Juggernaut, I have these two hot WIP cultists on my painting table:

It's always fun painting some of these lunatics. And I can happily say I still have bitz for about 20 of them.


  1. Looking good. I love the trophy rack to go with his daring deeds!


  2. Thanks Dave, your comments always mean a lot to me. :) I will, from now on, individualize every mini of my army after a battle in which they achieved something big. I think that's a nice gimmick and it'll be interesting how the minis "evolve". :D

  3. Cool. My bud used to do the same thing with his Space marines and add campaign markings to them after particularly close run games or to guys who were last man standing type deals.

  4. Great models, Stempe! May your cultist's trophy racks require 60mm bases!


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