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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back to work!

It's been a long, long time since I last posted something here. Permanent weariness and a huge lack of motivation were responsibly for that fact. Furthermore, I moved from my old, small flat into a new, really big flat I share with two of my pals. They're just as nerdy as I am and one of them even plays 40k.

But with the release of the new Codex Chaos Space Marines and the 6th Edition I'm back in business and keen on throwing Fabrilis's army into the fiercest and most bloody battles so that they will do Perturabo credit.

Some new devices of oppression are already at the 4th Grand Company command:

2x Maulerfiends "Doombringer" & "End of Days"

3x Obliterators

(Size comparison with a Terminator and an Iron Warrior)

Daemon Prince "Quorthon"

(Mainly for a Champion's Dark Apotheosis roll on the Chaos Boon table)

A Heldrake is on its way to Olympia, too. Looking forward to reading your comments again!


  1. Glad to see you posting again. I really admire your Iron Warriors army and am looking forward to seeing your new projects!

  2. Coole Sache.

    Endlich bist du wieder am Start und die Umbauten sehen schon recht vielversprechend aus. Freue mich auf mehr!

    Viel Erfolg und Spaß damit!

  3. Na, das wird aber auch Zeit ;-)

    Glad to see you're alive and kicking! And to report back with such great conversions as well -- what's not to like?

    Very promising update! Definitely keep this up!

  4. Welcome back & Hail the Hordes ;)

  5. Back again! Sehr schön! Dann ma frisch ans Werk und ich hoffe Du hast nichts von Deiner Qualität verloren!


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