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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vanguard Veterans finished

Painting while watching TV is quite enjoyable, so I made a last-ditch effort and finished the Vanguard Veteran squad:

The pic is quite bad and I'll have to re-do them a little bit as soon as I'm back in my flat in Regensburg when the term starts later in October, but they should be good enough for the tournament.

Tomorrow I'll finish the display base for the army.


  1. Sind gut geworden die Jungs. Ein größeres Bild wäre noch cooler gewesen das man etwas mehr sehen kann :-)

  2. Thanks! I'll present you a better pic of them once they're re-done with some grass on the bases etc.

    The quality of this pic is deliberately quite bad as its only function is to show you that the squad is mostly finished.


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