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Monday, February 7, 2011

All good things come in threes

Hello again!

I have three Warriors for you today. I re-did the two first ones by adding mud to their feet and some tussoks on the bases.

Unfortunately, I have no idea for a freehand on the banner. Can you think of something fitting? The Legion's symbol, Terra with a crack in its middle, a IV, or something totally different? Please post your suggestions!


  1. Those bases are really nice.

    But why a raed banner? This combination looks strange. Why not try a black one with a dead imperial fist or a crushed fortress wall?

    What do you think about this image?



  2. Hey Tala,
    Blogger thought your posting was spam, I had to allow it being published first.

    Red somehow is the paint of my choice for contrast.

    I made a decision for the freehand: Terra being grasped by a bionic hand. A writing in a semi circle above it will read "4th Grand Company".


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