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Friday, January 7, 2011

More Psykers

Well, the tournament's weekend has arrived and I was really busy the last few days and weeks with building and painting my city fight gaming board. Furthermore, I painted the 2 Renegade Apostate Preachers of Nurgle from Forge World because I'll play a Battle Psyker Squad of 8 men. So I use my Overseer, the 2 Psykers from Forge World, the 4 old schoold Chaos Sorcerers and the Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle. That equals 8! And I don't even have to use the red-blue-brownish Chaos Sorcerer I hate so much.

Here are two pics of the two latest psykers:

It was a really quick and kind of dirty paint job but I think it's sufficient for the table and not that bad anyway. How do you like it?

I'll take a whole bunch of pics while I'm on the tournament and then I'll share the impressions of my gaming board with you.


  1. Hey Stempe!

    Nice psykers do you have there! My favourite one is the bannerbearer (on the left side). I am looking forward to your tournamentarticle with the new cityfight-terrain and your conclusion on the psykers battleefficency.

    Gtz Morbidus

  2. Die FW-Modelle sind einfach nur genial und die Bemalung ist dir auch gelungen.

    Dieses rote Tuch und die Pergamente wirken jedoch recht lieblos bemalt und passen mMn nicht so recht zur Mini. Das Rot ist einfach zu rot und dann auch gleich so viel auf einmal.


  3. Thank you two for your kind words and suggestions for improvement.

    @ Morbidus
    Unfortunately, I forgot my cam in a friend's car and I'll get it back on Wednesday at the earliest. Only then I'll be able to write my extensive report and a breakdown of the Psykers.

    @ Talarion
    Thanks for your image editing. Looks really better than the actual state and I'll redo the Psyker's standard.

  4. Thank you, Roger!

    @ Morbidus
    Well, the Psykers were really useful in some situations. Unfortunately, I didn't have a single Fateweaver to face on the whole tournament. ;-)
    But they could rout some Space Marines and Tau Colosses. I think they'll have a guaranteed place in my army builds.

  5. Thank you for your short summary! It is always nice to have such a good painted unit at hand for smurfs.. ;)

    What is your opinion about Straken? He is quite expensive and needs to get into CQC.. Is he worth his points?

    Gtz Morbidus

  6. Well, he's definitely a lot of fun to play and gives your army a lot of close combat punch. In teamwork with the mob he's always worth his points. 31 men attacking with Furious Charge is something that beats the shit out of neary every enemy infantry unit. Even Assault Terminators have to be afraid of them. In matches of not less than 1.750 pts. he's got a guaranteed place.


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