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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scratch: Heresy Land Raider

Here are the first pics of a miniature for my next project: Heresy Iron Warriors. For that, I scratched the sponsons of a Heresy Land Raider and it was the first time I scratched something that big.

As soon as the green stuff's hardened, I will cut away the supernatant areas and smooth it better.
It's not painted yet, but I finished building it yesterday evening during the commercial breaks when I watched Conan.

Here we go:


  1. WOW!

    The side sponsors look great! Nice work.

    But what about that dozer blade? This looks weird and somehow misplaced. In this way the storm ramp becomes useless or not?

  2. Thank you very much! Well, you can raise the dozer blade due to the magnets you see in the first two pictures. The dozerblade's hangers also have one each and with the chains you can fasten the raised dozerblade. That enables to position minis around the front of the Land Raider smoothly.


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