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Monday, October 14, 2013

Warsmith Fabrilis - Destroyer of Strongholds

Today I present you my updated version of my Grand Company's Warsmith Fabrilis in his count-as version of Abaddon the Despoiler. His sword wielding arm is magnetized, so I still have the option to give him other weapons, such as a power fist, chain fist or another lightning claw and thus field him as a regular Chaos Lord in Terminator armour.


Warsmith Fabrilis's personal siege against the Imperium of Mankind has lasted for ten thousand years now and there's no end in sight as his lust for murder and terror can't be satisfied.

As he and his personal guard of Chaos Terminators pace across the surface of a besieged Imperial planet, crushing debris and shattered corpses of fallen enemies alike, the defenders see the personified death walking towards them. No Imperial fortress could withstand the Warsmith's iron grasp so far and the planets he elects to be besieged are doomed to be torn asunder by the Iron Warriors. Fabrilis rejoices in close combat slaughter as much as he does in precise bombarding and fire fights. Some members of his Chaos Terminator retinue are Veterans of the Long War themselves and have been butchering the False Emperor's servants for thousands of years.

The Warsmith wields two mighty chaos artefacts: the Talon of Perturabo, an archaic lightning claw given to him by his Primarch, and Zzrag'ryl,a daemon blade imbrued in an untold amount of Imperial guts.

It's only a matter of time when the Warsmith's gaze falls upon Terra itself. The time will come when Abaddon musters for the next Black Crusade and Fabrilis will answer the call.


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