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Monday, January 14, 2013

After The 4th Battleground Ratisbona

I can happily announce that our annual Warhammer 40k tournament with 100 participants is over. In terms of gaming I had quite the bad luck, I had 4 losses and 1 draw. Although I finished 90th, my overall friendly opponents made all those matches really enjoyable.

But in hobby terms, I was that much luckier: I was awarded the trophy for the 2nd Best Painted Army and the Fluff Prize which featured a set of cards for the general and Chaos psychic powers.

In my Picasa Webalbum you can see lots of photos I took:

###### WEBALBUM ######

And here's my army on its display base I built on Friday and painted on Saturday evening:

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  1. So siehst du also mittlerweile aus. Da hast du an Bart und Haar ganz gut zugelegt.

    Ansonsten man kann nicht immer gewinnen und Hauptsache, du hattest deinen Spaß. Die zweibest bemalte Armee zu haben, ist bei dieser Konkurrenz doch auch eine ziemliche Leistung.

    Danke auch für die vielen Bilder (40kings lässt ebenfalls grüßen)! ;D


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