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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

40k Birthday Present

For a friend's birthday I painted some minis for his Salamanders army. I planned to do 10 marines but the little time that remains until his party won't allow that.


  1. Looking good dude! Thats a really nice green you've used,how did you do it?

  2. Thank you!

    They were primed with Skull White and they I applied Snot Green, washed them with Thraka Green and then again I added some Snot Green except for the recesses. The highlights were done with a mix of Sunburst Yellow and Snot Green.

  3. Cool,the green is vibrant without being too dark or 'in your face' as I find most Salamanders to be painted (if it was still available I'd use Woodland Green,GW made it back in the 90's to anyone too young to remember).

    Hope your friend is more than happy with them and cant wait to see the finished unit.

  4. Those are some very nicely done Salamanders. The clean uncluttered paint job makes them look very striking.

    You friend is lucky to get such a well paint squad.

  5. Beautiful models. I really like the clean crisp look, and great job on the markings. (sorry for grave digging, but I couldn't help it, they are too awesome!)


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