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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vendetta bases finished

Yesterday evening and today morning I worked on the bases of my 3 Vendettas as I wanted to re-do them so they'd match the other new bases of my Renegades 2.0.

Here's what I made of them:

The razor wire will still get some pigments because it looks too new at the moment. But I want it to look like an abandonned former front line.
The disembowelled corpse with the knife in its belly might have been a civilian on the run or even a deserter who got caught by the renegades and after they gave him a beating up to get some information out of him, they ditched him.


  1. Very nice. I love the vendetta base because it has so much open space to work with. I went over board with mine and people make fun of them saying my planes are carrying junk piles around under them.

    Are those the army painter tufts of grass?

  2. Hi CVinton!
    Thank you. I also do like those oval bases a lot. In fact, I really enjoy basing my minis and here one has, as you said, plenty of space to fill with life (or death ;-)).

    The tufts are from MiniNatur (http://www.planet-fantasy.biz/Zubehoer/MiniNatur:::1615_894.html). I really recommend them, it's great to work with them. They come along in different colors and lengths.


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