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Monday, February 27, 2012

New gaming table for private purpose only

I already own a gaming table with a good deal of terrain pieces but as I made it available for use on various tournaments of our club so far it is in a rather bad condition. Many people simply don't appreciate the work invested in building and painting good looking terrain and thus treat it badly.

I decided to "donate" the gaming board inclusive the terrain to our club and build a new one for private purpose only, i.e. when I play with friends at my place. It will be the best looking terrain I've built so far and will match my Lost and the Damned and Iron Warriors relating to base design, details and gimmicks.

I guess it's already more than 1.5 years ago when I saw a nice tutorial on the web on how to build Czech hedgehogs. I liked it a lot and therefore built some of my own:

They will be adorned with some barbed wire I make of locking wire:

For the center of the board I plan on building a 3 to 4 stories high bombed tenement block. The ground floor's windows will be boarded up so it serves as a line of sight blocker. Around this I'll build four to five 2-3 stories high buildings. The "streets" and outskrits will be filled by the Czech hedgehogs mentioned above, craters, tank wrecks, piles of rubble and debris, oil barrels etc. I'm really looking forward to this project for my semester break.


  1. locking wire, what is that precisely?

  2. In German it's called "Plombendraht". Another translation would be safety wire (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safety_wire).


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