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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Killteam 2.0 - finally finished!

I just glued the renegades for my Kill Team 2.0 on their bases and with that done they're finally finished. I mus say I quite like the outcome and am keen to read what you think about them.


  1. They look great! Everything looks fantastic. I like the great use of cork on the bases. The painting looks very neat. The green masks and red eyes have a great contrast and look suitably subdued with the dark uniforms. The weathering on the tank is awesome. They are great. I'm really impressed. What game are they for?

  2. Very nice models! The weathering on the tank is beautiful, you sure have a great looking squad there:)

  3. Hey both of you, thank you very much.

    A friend of mine organizes so called "Kill Team Tournaments" and the next will take place in the middle of December.

    Everyone has a Kill Team of 200 pts. at his disposal where every mini acts on his own. You also can allocate 3 different special rules among 3 different minis, e.g. +1W, +1BS, Scout, Stubborn etc.

    We play 8 matches with different missions. They're all referring to the book Battle Missions. It's a lot of fun, especially because you have to think differently compared to normal matches and because the games don't last that long.

  4. i have watched this lot come together and i honestly wasnt convinced until now. but oh man they look so great. very inspiring.

  5. Echt coole Truppe und ich bin mal gespannt, wie die sich auf dem Feld schlagen.

    Deine Bemalung wirkt in Bezug auf die hervorstechenden Farben jedoch nicht ganz stimmig. Rotes Banner, grüne Tücher und ein teils gelber Anstrich des Panzers?

  6. Das stimmt, wobei ich die Renegaten noch nicht im Hinterkopf hatte, als ich das Banner rot bemalt habe.


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