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Monday, September 19, 2011

Warhammer 40.000 KTNMS [2011] - Review

Here's the promised summary of last weekend's tournament.

Round 1:
Enemy: Markus Bachler
Army: Chaos Space Marines
Result: 6:34

Round 2:
Enemy: Klemen Ponikvar
Army: Space Wolves
Result: 0:40 (it was the worst game of my entire 40k career. I never rolled so bad before, e.g. 5 Dangerous Terrain tests for my Terminators: 4 casualties etc. I wanted to give up after turn 2 but decided to bring the game to a regular end)

Round 3:
Enemy: Peter Marìc
Army: Blood Angels
Result: 36:4

Round 4:
Enemy: Jernej Senekovi
Army: Tyranids
Result: 6:34

Round 5:
Enemy: Alex Wiltschnig
Army: Grey Knights
Result: 12:28

The youth and guest house "Cap Wörth" served as the venue for the tournament. It is located at the southern lakeshore of the beautiful Wörthersee and has an own shore.

We had to share the hall with ~50 Warhammer Fantasy players of another tournament. There were about 18 Warhammer 40k players. Due to that reason the leeway was somehow limited. Fortunately, it wasn't that smelly because the glass doors on one side of the hall stood open all the time and one could get out on a terrasse to breath some fresh air.

We took a swim in the lake on Saturday evening which was very refreshing. The water was enjoyably warm for the middle of September. There were also available a football ground, a beach volleyball ground, a indoor pool and much more cool opportunities for the time after the games.

We enjoyed some grilled meat, sausages and potatoes after the bath and it was very delicious.

The prizes:
- 1. - 3. place
- Best Carinthian Player
- Best Painted Army

Here's a video of the 3 armies nominated for the Best Painted Army award by Cannonfodder: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlEnN...ature=youtu.be
They gave away beautiful cups and a lot of non-cash prizes. Very worthy of praise!

And all that for 15 EUR of entry fee. Awesome tournament!


  1. Coole Sache und endlich geht es hier mal weiter. Dass du momentan zu nichts kommst, kann ich sehr gut nachvollziehen, da es mir ja genauso geht.

    Glueckwunsch zur super Armee und den Auszeichnungen.

    Gruss aus dem Taifun,

  2. Hey Tala, schön, dass du mal wieder reinschneist!

    Ich sitz hier bei meinen Eltern so ziemlich auf dem Trockenen, was das Hobby angeht. Aber heute muss ich sowieso mal nach Regensburg fahren, weil ich mich für eine Prüfung anmelden muss, und werde bei der Gelegenheit Farben und ein paar Dämonen zum Bemalen mitnehmen. Gestern habe ich allerdings die gesamte Streitmachtsbox der KdC aus dem Gussrahmen gelöst. =)


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