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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vindicators WIP / First Terminator built

Fortunately, a friend of mine came to visit and paint with me and he brought his brand new box of Chaos Terminators with him. So I borrowed some bitz from him so I could build my first Terminator. Have a look at him:

I added soles of plastic card to his feet and a ball of green stuff to his waist in order to make him larger.

And I painted the chevrons of the dozer blades of my Vindiactors in an assortative pattern:

It's really WIP as a lot of dirt, battle damage and highlights are yet to be applied.


  1. Man, this idea in the vindicators´ dozers is a very good idea!!!!!

  2. The terminator is looking very nice, are those home made shoulder pads or a resin cast?

    Loving the vindicator blades I always have a soft spot for them despite them always betraying me.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    The shoulder pads are from a Polish shop: www.maxmini.eu

    You can choose between several desgins and the quality is quite good.


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