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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Iron Warriors Vindicators finished

Wow, I've never before painted three vehicles on one day! But I'm quite happy about having the Vindicators finished as the achievement of the 1,850 pts. moves closer steadily.

Here are the pics:

I also made some new shots of the Rhinos to which I applied some decals:


  1. The vindicators are looking good the weathered dozer blades really stand out against the rusted cab without looking out of place.

    Are the dozer blades on the Rhino's the Forgeworld variety or Imperial Guard ones?

  2. Thanks! The Rhinos' dozerblades are those form the Imperial Guard. They fit perfectly well with the Rhino chassis.

  3. Mich würde ja mal reizen zu wissen, wieviel Du für Paint Jobs nimmst? Ich denke auch dran, mich zu verdingen, wenn ich meinen Schwarm und meine Eldar mal fertig habe und weiß gar nicht, was man ansetzen kann


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