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Thursday, June 9, 2011

(Venerable) Dreadnought "Brutus"

Another night with only a few hours of sleep are conducive to the finising of my (Venerable) Dreadnought "Brutus". Here some pics for you from different angles:

I'm in a real flow at the moment and I hope it will continue when I start the tracked vehicles. The two Rhinos will be the next to get painted.


  1. Nice job with the dread mate. The pose is very iron warrior, which is good, it shows its been thought about. Looking forward to the rhinos next :-)

  2. Coole Sau. Den privaten Diss mit den IFs hast du sehr schön in Szene gesetzt.

    Der war jetzt wirklich schnell fertig. Ist der denn in der Kombi auch erschwinglich und gut spielbar?

  3. Thank you, Gonders! The Rhinos will be finished next week as I'm going to visit my parents and girlfriend this weekend and I won't take any hobby stuff with me. So stay tuned!

    every unit will have some IF trophies I think as the feud between the IW and IF is really important in my eyes. And just yesterday the fact that a club mate of mine has an IF army returned to my mind. Will be great to play against them once my army's finished. :D

    I don't really know whether the weapon combi is worth its costs or not, but it fits my tactic for the Dread best: staying behind and shoot until it's necessary to intercept enemies and prevent them to destroy my tracked vehicles. The Techmarine will stay behind the vehicles and repair them.

  4. Sehr schöner Läufer! Ich hoffe, die Schlaflosigkeit wird nicht durch private Sorgen ausgelöst?

  5. Nein, nein. Keine Angst, daran liegt es nicht.

    Auf die Rhinos oder generell Updates müsst ihr leider noch etwas warten, diese Woche war vollgepackt mit non-hobby Erledigungen.

    Außerdem muss ich eine Wayland-Bestellung mit Vallejo Model Air-Farben abwarten, weil die Game Color Metallic-Farbe via Airbrush aufgetragen scheußlich aussieht...


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