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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Moloch of Khorne - test mini

I just longed for painting the test Moloch of Khorne for my customer. I'm looking forward to your comments!


  1. That red is awesome man, this model looks truly scary.

  2. Thank you! I hope the customer thinks the same about it and I can paint the other 5 ones just like this one.

  3. The Red- and Metaltones are nice and smooth! Only the light rim arround the Eye (where the Sourcelight hits) is too harsh. Maybe you should blend this Effect more softer at the final Model.
    Additionally you could apply some final Highlights on the Goldsurfaces.
    Anyway: a real nice looking Test! Go on with that Work!

  4. Ja, der Moloch ist fett! Das Metall bekommst du mittlerweile wirklich sehr gut hin.

    Nur die Augen könntest du wirklich noch etwas mehr aussoften und das Base ist etwas trist...

  5. You might be right about the edges of the OSL, but the customer's totally content about the outcome and that's what counts in the end. So I'll paint the others just like this one.

    Thanks for all the comments btw.

  6. Doch, gefällt sehr gut. Vor allem weiß ich, was eine undankbare Farbe rot doch ist...


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