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Monday, April 4, 2011

Iron signs of life

Hello dear readership!

Unfortunately, I did not have the time for further painting and working on my Iron Warriors or any other tabletop minis the last weeks due to the practical course I absolved in the course of my studies. But April's arrived and so I can paint as much as I want to.

I had a handful of Kill Team matches against the Eldar of a friend and here are some impressions:

Furthermore, I finished assembling my Assault Marines Sergeant:

And the whole unit ready for some paint:

I also ordered some custom dice at Chessex which arrived some days ago:
(I've more than those shown in the pic)


  1. Das ist echt ein "Hammertyp". Bei dem freue ich mich schon besonders auf die Bemalung.

    Ich bin schon auf die Bemalung gespannt und Glückwunsch zu deinem Sieg auf der GWFW!

    Und aha, das sind also die Würfel. Coole Sache. Daumen hoch dafür.

  2. Assault squad is look pretty awesome so far, I look forward to seeing them painted.

    I love the custom dice as well. :)


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