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Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's up next?

Well, my IG project draws to a close and I have only very little to do until the army's finished:

  • 10 Guardsmen with Meltaguns
  • 6 Guardsmen with Shotguns
  • 2 Guardsmen with Lasguns
  • 1 Medusa Siege Tank
  • 8 Battle Psyker
 The Guardsmen are already assembled and wait for their paint. The Medusa will be a commission work done by *cyberdippi*, a very talented scratchbuilder from Germany and I'm really looking forward to hold the tank in my hands and even more to paint it. It gonna be a re-build of Forge World's Armageddon Pattern Medusa with the enclosed cabin. The interior room will be trimmed with the Renegade Artillery Crew:

The Battle Psyker Squad willconsist of several Chaos Sorcerers from Games Workshop (click, click and click) and the two Apostate Preachers of Nurgle from Forge World.

I must take these beautiful models for my Battle Psykers, otherwise I wouldn't habe any fun with playing that unit. Previously, I used  my Penal Legionnaires and as they aren't that nicely painted I rarely played a Battle Psyker Squad - too bad, as it's the best Elites choice of the Codex IG in my opinion.

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  1. Da hast du ja noch ein ordentlich strammes Programm vor dir. Viel Erfolg damit!

    Die drei Minis sind cool und strahlen unheimlich viel Charakter aus.

    Die Schriftart und -größe des Blogs ist mMn immer noch suboptimal... ;)


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