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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Casualty Counters & Fences

Hello there,

This week my parcel from war-bases.co.uk arrived, containing some casualty counters.

With these brilliant little things you can keep track of  how many wounds your units have suffered so far (or use them as turn counters etc.).

For me they are predestinated for my Kings of War matches to come.Thus we can avoid placing dice next to the regiments which can easily be flipped over or be mistaken for regular dice to roll.

All I did was glueing Green Stuff molds of skull bases on top of them, adding some bird sand with PVA glue and paint them up. Some Iceland moss and tufts of grass gave them their final touch.

Also, I took up painting some new terrain for my future gaming board as I don't have any fantasy-related pieces.

The first parts to be finished were three fences as they represent nice obstacles for hindered charges and line of sight blockers. Using some coffee chopsticks from McD and sprue leftovers, they were cheap and easy to do, too.

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