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Thursday, September 15, 2011

An update, an update!

Finally... finally a new update! It has been quite a while since I've showed you some new stuff. But yesterday I had a really nice painting session with Klatschi, a friend of mine from Passau.

I painted 3 Warriors I'll be needing for a tournament this weekend in Austria (click) and he had some good progress with his Genestealer horde.

Here's a photo of my creation of yesterday:

They'll need some revision once I'm back in Regensburg, but they're fine enough to be played on the tournament.

Furthermore, the fervour for Fantasy returned and I think I'll be doing some more Warriors of Chaos again later this year. I already bought a nice new cadre.


  1. Es lebt! Sehen schick aus, die Warriors, wie immer. Hast Du auch Bilder seiner Symbionten?

  2. Danke! Und ab nächster Woche geht es wieder mit ein bisschen Auftrags-Dämonen weiter.

    Bilder seiner Symbionten gibt's hier: http://www.gw-fanworld.net/showthread.php?t=111865&page=15

    Er wird vermutlich bald ein Update raushauen. Vll. painten wir diese Woche oder nächste nochmal gemeinsam, das macht echt Spaß.


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